Winter Street Parking and Sidewalk Maintenance

Village of Brewster


Please be advised that the parking of vehicles is prohibited on all streets and highways within the Village of Brewster during the winter months as follows:



2:00 A.M. to 7:00 A.M.

Main Street Only

11:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M.

All Other Streets

Winter Village Resident Parking Permits are available in the Village office for Tri-State Parking Lot.

$60 for 7 PM to 7 AM

$140 for 24-hour parking

Purchased permit valid December 1, 2022 through March 15, 2023

Telephone: (845) 279-3760

Village of Brewster



Sidewalk Repair and Maintenance (§ 218-8 — § 218-11) excerpt from Village Code:

§ 218-8 Responsibility of owners and occupants.

A.  The owners and occupants of properties adjoining sidewalks commonly used by the public in the Village of Brewster shall keep such sidewalks in repair and free and completely clear of snow, ice, dirt, and other obstructions. With respect to the clearing of snow and ice removal, such must be removed within 24 hours after the period in which such snow or ice has accumulated.   All other repairs and maintenance shall be performed within a reasonable time period.

§ 218-10 Enforcement.

This article shall be enforceable by the Village of Brewster Highway Superintendent and Code Enforcement Officer, and/or Village Police, who are hereby authorized to issue and serve an appearance ticket with respect to violation(s) of this article.

In addition to a violation and potential penalty, the Village will clear the sidewalk and charge the property owner for the cost of the snow/ice removal.  Unpaid balances will be relevied on your taxes.


Brush and Leaf Pick Up by Village Department of Public Works


The Village of Brewster Department of Public Works will be going through the Village on a weekly basis to collect unwanted leaves and brush. Hedge and tree trimmings should be tied in bundles no larger than three feet in length and 16 inches in diameter. Leaves that need to be picked up must be loose on the edge of the street but off of the sidewalk. Leaves will only be cleaned up if they are on the side of the street. After November 30th of each year, grass clippings and leaves shall be placed in open plastic containers or paper bags for collection. Do not intermingle grass clippings and leaves with other debris such as rocks, wood, metal, hard plastics, tree branches of any size, etc. This will damage the vacuum that cleans up the leaves and will delay collections. Wet leaves will not be collected. Tree stumps will not be collected.

Please review the Village Code: Chapter 205: Solid Waste for more information.

Village Office Closure for Labor Day, 2022

Village Hall will be closing at 1:30 PM on September 2, 2022 and will not reopen until Tuesday September 6, 2022 at 8:30 AM. The Village Court will not open their window until 9:00 AM. Have a safe holiday weekend. 

Village of Brewster Board of Trustees August 3, 2022

3 AUGUST 2022
7:30 P.M.
The Board of Trustees of the Village of Brewster is holding a regular meeting at 7:30 PM, on August 3, 2022 at Village Hall, 50 Main Street, Brewster, NY. This meeting will also be streamed on Zoom Cloud Meeting as Trustee George Gaspar will be unable to attend in person due to extraordinary circumstance. The Meeting ID is 845 279 3760 and the phone number needed to call in is 1-929-205-6099.
Pledge to flag.
Notion of Exits
Regular Meeting

  1. Brewster VFW – 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at Electrozone Field – Police Presence.
  2. Monthly Reports
  3. 1. DPW Report.
  4. 2. Planning Board Report for July, 2022.
  5. 3. Zoning Board Report.
  6. Financial Report.
  7. 1. Safety Committee
  8. 850 Route 22 SEUP Application – Referral to Planning Board.
  9. Minutes for Approval – July 20, 2022.
  10. Vouchers Payable.
  11. Other Business.
  12. New Business.
  13. Public Comment.
  14. Executive Session.
  15. Adjourn.

Main Street Closure on June 12th from 12 PM to 3 PM

Attention Village Residents and Commuters:

On Sunday, June 12th Main Street from the Train Station to Oak Street will be closed for a Parade. Please avoid travel through this area between 12 PM and 3 PM.



On 5/17/22 at 10:15 AM, the Department of Public Works will be shutting off the water on Carmel Avenue which will effect the surrounding area. This post will be updated once the repair is complete and the current time frame is 4 PM today. Once the water is turned back on you may experience discolored water similar to a hydrant flushing. The Village of Brewster appreciates your cooperation during this time.

At 3:30 PM the repair to the main has been completed and the water services have been restored. Again, please treat this issue as a hydrant flushing and please note that the water may be discolored for the next 24 hours. If water discoloration is persistant, please call Village Hall at 845-279-3760.



CANCELED: Planning Board Meeting on April 19, 2022

The Village of Brewster Planning Board meeting for April 19, 2022 will be canceled due to No Pending Activity. The next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2022. Any applicant wishing to present to the Planning Board at that meeting must submit a completed application, including fees, by May 3, 2022 (10 days prior to the meeting date). 

FY 2023 Budget Public Hearing April 13, 2022


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Board of Trustees of the VILLAGE OF BREWSTER will hold a Public Hearing on WEDNESDAY APRIL 13, 2022, 7:30 P.M. at Village Hall, 50 Main Street, Brewster, NY, 10509. The meeting will also be streamed through Zoom, the Meeting ID is 845 279 3760 and the phone number to call in to is 1-929-205-6099. The purpose of this Pubic Hearing is to take and hear comments on the 2022-2023 Proposed Budget as proposed by the Board of Trustees. A copy of the proposed budget will be available for review by the public, at the office of the Village Clerk and online at, five (5) days prior to the public hearing. All persons wishing to be heard on the question of the adoption of the proposed budget will be provided an opportunity, as time permits.

By order of the
Board of Trustees of the
Village of Brewster
Michelle Chiudina
Village Clerk

The 2023 Proposed Budget can be found here. 


**This notice was posted in the Putnam Press Times with the incorrect year and was reposted in the Journal News Legal Notices with the correct date**

Fire Causing Discolored Water 3/28/22 10:45 AM

Due to a fire in the area, the Brewster Fire Department required to tap into the hydrants to fill up their trucks before responding to the local emergency. Because of this, you may experience discolored water for the next 24 hours. If this issue continues, please contact Village Hall at 845-279-3760.


February 24, 2022: Residents living on or near Carmel Avenue may experience water discoloration or distruption of water services for the next 24 hours due to a repair to a small water leak on Carmel Avenue. If you are still having issues with your water after 24 hours, please contact Village Hall at 845-279-3760 or email the Village Clerk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Village Hall Closed 2/4/22

Village Hall will be closed on February 4, 2022 due to inclement weather. For emergencies, please call 911. For non-emergencies, please call the Village of Brewster Police Station at 845-278-1895

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Officer on Duty Phone Number for Non-emergencies: 914-804-8442

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