Board of Trustees TENTATIVE BUDGET WORK SESSION 3/31/2021

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Brewster will hold a Work Session on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 7:30 P.M. virtually through Zoom, the Meeting ID is 207 812 8623 and the phone number to call is 1-929-205-6099. The work session is to evaluate and rework the 2021 Tentative Budget but no public comment will be taken during the work session.

By order of the
Board of Trustees of the
Village of Brewster
Michelle Chiudina
Village Clerk

Public Forum for Draft Plan of Police Procedure Reform


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT PURSUANT TO THE DIRECTIVES OF EXECUTIVE ORDER 203 OF GOVERNOR ANDREW M. CUOMO and in accordance with the subsequent guidance provided by New York State, the Village of Brewster will be conducting a public forum for the review and comment on its draft plan for Police Reform, which is available for download on the Village of Brewster website, by clicking here, or for viewing at Village Hall, 50 Main Street, Brewster, NY 10509. Said forum will be conducted on March 3, 2021 at 7:30 PM via Zoom Cloud Meeting, Meeting ID 207 812 8623 and the phone number needed to call in is 1-929-205-6099. The comment period will be open until 11:59 PM on March 10, 2021 and all comments can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed to the Village of Brewster Offices at 50 Main Street, Brewster, NY 10509. All community stakeholders as well as all interested groups and individuals are invited to attend, participate and offer comment at that time.

By Order of the
Board of Trustees of the
Village of Brewster
Michelle Chiudina
Village Clerk


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Brewster, pursuant to Article 2 of the Eminent Domain Procedure Law of the State of New York, shall hold a Virtual Public Hearing on the 17th day of February, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter that evening as possible on Zoom Cloud Meeting, Meeting ID: 207 812 8623, and is available by phone 1-929-205-6099 on the Urban Renewal Plan for the Village of Brewster Urban Renewal Area, as duly adopted by the Village of Brewster Board of Trustees on or about May 18, 2016.

The purpose of the hearing will be to discuss and consider the acquisition by eminent domain of fee simple property interests in certain real property parcels, lots and/or tracts of land located within the Village of Brewster in accordance with, and in furtherance of the public purposes of the referenced Urban Renewal Plan. Such discussion and consideration of the acquisition by eminent domain of said property interests shall include and not be limited to those real property parcels, lots and/or tracts of land which have been specifically identified in the referenced Urban Renewal Plan, as well as certain other parcels, lots and/or tracts of land not identified in the referenced Urban Renewal Plan for which the acquisition of such fee simple therein would also be in accordance with, and in furtherance of the public purposes of the referenced Urban Renewal Plan.

The real property parcels, lots and/or tracts of land located within the Village of Brewster which shall be considered for acquisition by eminent domain of such fee simple property interests in accordance with and in furtherance of the public purposes of the referenced Urban Renewal Plan shall be as follows:

Property Address                  Record Owner                                  Tax Identification #

31 Main Street                        LTD Sprague Inn                                67.34-2-55

35 Main Street                        Mahogany Ridge Associates              67.34-2-54                              

15 Park Street                         Mahogany Ridge Associates              67.42-1-3

47-49 Main Street                   Marst Holding Co LLC                      67.34-2-52

52 Main Street                        Playhouse Building Inc.                     67.34-2-6

55-61 Main Street                   Tamarabros LLC                                67.34-2-51

65 Main Street                        Nuvance Health                                  67.34-1-2

2 Marvin Avenue                    Iglesia Fuente De Garcia Inc.              67-42-1-2

4 Park Street                           Iglesia Fuente De Garcia Inc.             67.42-1-6

5 Park Street                           Llir Cubi                                             67-42-1-5

7 Park Street                           Northeastern Conference Center        67-42-1-4

80-88 Main Street                   Brewster Commons LLC                   67.34-2-17

20 Garden Street                     20 Garden Street LLC                        67-34.1.37

56-62 Main Street                   Hi-Keung Kwok                                 67.34-2-7

63 Main Street                        Cameo Brewster LLC                         67.34-2-50

66-70 Main Street                   56-70 Main Street Corp                      67.34-2-8

72 Main Street                         Axel Development Corp                     67.34-2-14

74 Main Street                         Axel Development Corp                     67.34-2-15

39 Main Street                        Park-Main LLC                                  67.34-2-53

10 Marvin Avenue                  ADC Putnam Homes LLC                 67.42-1-7

90-94 Main Street                   Theater One LLC                               67.34-2-18

98-100 Main Street                 Little Apple Partnership LLC             67.34-2-19

104 Main Street                      Martingale Management LLC            67.34-2-20

35 Oak Street                          Martingale Management LLC            67.34-2-31

390 Railroad Avenue              City of New York DEP                      67.11-2-3         


At said Public Hearing, all interested parties will be heard.

By Order of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Brewster, Michelle Chiudina Village Clerk.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Immediate Release
Putnam County Executive
MaryEllen Odell
January 11, 2021
The Putnam County Department of Health is preparing to expand COVID-19 vaccination distribution to those aged 75 and older, first responders, teachers and other essential workers who live and/or work in the county, as the state institutes Phase 1B of its vaccination program, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said.
“This is a good step forward,” said Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “The rollout will still be slow because the supply is so very limited. We are hopeful that vaccine production will ramp up and that the supply will increase to meet the demand.”
Vaccinations are by appointment only.
To sign up, start by seeing if you are eligible:
If you are, you will be given a list of local places where you can get a vaccination.
Those eligible can also call the State COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline for an appointment: 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829).

Prior to receiving the vaccination, you must complete the New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Form. This form can be completed online at you will receive a submission ID.
Do not show up to a vaccination site without an appointment. You will not be given a vaccine.
For information about eligibility, phased distribution and more, visit

On Monday, Jan. 11, the Putnam County Department of Health ran its second Phase 1A vaccination point of dispensing, or POD, at Carmel Friendship Center on Old Route 6 for healthcare workers and those who live or work in nursing homes or group homes only. The health department has administered 600 doses of the Moderna vaccine, all it has received so far. The department expects another 300 doses this week.
Other agencies, including hospitals, urgent cares, health centers and pharmacies, will also be vaccinating people. Because of the limited supplies, it is expected to take until mid-April to vaccinate all the New York State residents in the approved 1A and 1B groups.
Those now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination include:
· Teachers and education workers
· First responders
· Public safety workers
· Public transit workers
· People 75 and older
· High-risk hospital workers (emergency room workers, ICU staff and Pulmonary Department staff)
· Residents and staff at nursing homes and other congregate care facilities
· Federally Qualified Health Center employees
· EMS workers
· Coroners, medical examiners and certain funeral workers
· Staff and residents at OPWDD, OMH and OASAS facilities
· Urgent Care providers
· Individuals administering COVID-19 vaccines, including local health department staff
· All Outpatient/Ambulatory front-line, high-risk health care workers of any age who provide direct in-person patient care
· All staff who are in direct contact with patients (i.e., intake staff)
· All front-line, high-risk public health workers who have direct contact with patients, including those conducting COVID-19 tests, handling COVID-19 specimens and COVID-19 vaccinations
· Doctors who work in private medical practices and their staff
· Doctors who work in hospital-affiliated medical practices and their staff
· Doctors who work in public health clinics and their staff
· Registered Nurses
· Specialty medical practices of all types
· Dentists and Orthodontists and their staff
· Psychiatrists and Psychologists and their staff
· Physical Therapists and their staff
· Optometrists and their staff
· Pharmacists and Pharmacy Aides
• Home care workers
• Hospice workers
· Staff of nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities who did not receive COVID vaccination through the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program

Check for updates.

Board of Trustees Thank Donors for Village Christmas Tree

The Village of Brewster would like to thank the following donors for their support in re-lighting the Village Christmas Tree.  Their support has created a beautiful symbol of joy and peace of the season in our Village.

Paul & Candice Sciarrillo

Mike Durante, Inc.

George & Janet Gaspar

The Brewster Rotary Club


 If you would like to make a donation, please remit payment to the Village of Brewster, 50 Main Street, Brewster, NY 10509. 

Payments Resume for Commuter Lot Parkers

November 5, 2020

Dear Village of Brewster Parking Permit Holders:

Over the past nine months, the Village of Brewster has been proactive in addressing the unforeseen effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of the unintended consequences of this pandemic has been the financial toll it has taken on our small towns and villages, as well as on our residents and commuters.

In response to commuter concerns, we halted payments for parking permits, while still holding those parking spots within the Village lots, to help ease the stress and financial burden during these uncertain times.

The Village of Brewster has also been affected by the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, and as we approach the next billing quarter, we need to take steps to ensure the financial health of the Village.  On November 4, 2020, the Board of Trustees agreed to resume charging fees for parking in the commuter lots that were being held during the COVID-19 shutdown.  This decision was not without careful thought and discussion and the understanding that many commuters are still not utilizing the parking lots at this time. 

If you wish to continue holding your parking spot, payment for the December 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021 quarter must be received (or postmarked) no later than December 31, 2020.  If you choose not to renew your permit, please contact the Village of Brewster no later than December 31, 2020 to let us know.  If payment is not received by December 31, 2020, we will no longer be able to hold your parking spot (Railroad Avenue Lot, Marvin Avenue Lot, Green Lot, and Tri-State Lot), as well as your spot on the waiting list, and we will consider your account inactive.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated during these continued difficult times.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Village Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or concerns.

Putnam County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2020

Below is the link to the Putnam County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update for 2020. This plan is required by State and Federal agencies in order for communities in Putnam County to be eligible for certain types of non-emergency disaster assistance. The ultimate gal of hazard mitigation is to reduce loss of life and property, lessening the impact of disasters. The link below answers questions such as, what is hazard mitigation, what is mitigation planning, the types of mitigation actions and how this plan effects Putnam County. There is also a brief questionnaire that can be taken to participate in the Hazard Mitigation Plan to strengthen the plan. That questionnaire can be found here: www.surveymonkey/r/PutnamHMP2020.

Again, here is the link to the full update document on the Putnam County website, which includes links to more information about the Hazard Mitigation Plan.


Protect Your Heart in the Heat



Protect Your Heart in the Heat

Tips from the American Heart Association


For immediate release

WESTCHESTER, NY, July 8, 2020 — With the hot days of summer ahead be sure to protect your heart in the heat. When temperatures are forecast in the 90s, it’s important to know that extreme heat can be hard on the heart.

As the temperature rises, so can your risk for suffering health issues like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Doctors recommend using good judgment when it comes to activities outside in the heat, and that you stay hydrated.

During hot weather, it’s important that you take the right precautions:

  • Watch the clock: It’s best to avoid the outdoors in the early afternoon (about noon to 3 p.m.) because the sun is usually at its strongest, putting you at higher risk for heat-related illnesses.
  • Get off on the right foot: You probably sweat the most in your shoes, so choose well-ventilated shoes and look for socks that repel perspiration. Foot powders and antiperspirants can also help with sweat.
  • Dress for the heat: Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing in breathable fabrics such as cotton, or a newer fabric that repels sweat. Add a hat and/or sunglasses. Before you get started, apply a water-resistant sunscreen with at least SPF 15, and reapply it every two hours.
  • Drink up: Stay hydrated by drinking a few cups of water before, during and after your exercise. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.
  • Take regular breaks: Find some shade or a cool place, stop for a few minutes, hydrate and start again
  • Follow the doctor’s orders: If you are a heart patient, over the age of 50, overweight or just starting an exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor for your best exercise routine.

If you do want to be active during hot weather, doctors say it is alright if the activity is something you are used to, but it is not the time to push yourself.

It’s important to know the signs and symptoms when you may be experiencing too much heat.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion:

  • headaches
  • heavy sweating
  • cold, moist skin, chills


  • dizziness or fainting (syncope)
  • a weak and rapid pulse
  • muscle cramps
  • fast, shallow breathing
  • nausea, vomiting or both

If you experience these symptoms, move to a cooler place, stop exercising and cool down immediately by dousing yourself with cold water and rehydrating. You may need to seek medical attention.

Symptoms of heat stroke:

  • warm, dry skin with no sweating
  • strong and rapid pulse
  • confusion and/or unconsciousness
  • high fever
  • throbbing headaches
  • nausea, vomiting or both

If you experience these symptoms, seek medical attention right away.

For more information, tips and advice on how to take care of your heart, visit




About the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. We are dedicated to ensuring equitable health in all communities. Through collaboration with numerous organizations, and powered by millions of volunteers, we fund innovative research, advocate for the public’s health and share lifesaving resources. The Dallas-based organization has been a leading source of health information for nearly a century. Connect with us on heart.orgFacebookTwitter or by calling 1-800-AHA-USA1.   


For Media Inquiries:

Mark Hurley, VP Communications: 917-445-0207 (cell); This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and

Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Putnam County


Date:         March 15, 2020

Contact:    Erin Pascaretti, Public Information Officer, 845-808-1390, x43262


First Lab Confirmed Cases in Putnam, New Executive Orders

BREWSTER, NY— The Putnam County Department of Health (PCDOH) is confirming two positive cases of COVID-19 in Putnam County residents. The individuals have been quarantined at home and will continue to be monitored carefully. Contact tracing is underway and those that are found to have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case will be notified by the PCDOH and precautionary or mandatory quarantine will be established for each person. 

            “This is not an unexpected event, nor should it cause alarm,” County Executive, MaryEllen Odell, said. “We knew eventually a positive case would be confirmed. The Putnam County Department of Health’s communicable disease staff is working with state and local partners to identify all possible contacts.”

            Prior to lab-confirmation of positive COVID-19 cases in Putnam, the County Executive had taken major preventative action on Friday by declaring a State of Emergency and ordering all public schools closed for a five-day period. The news of positive cases in Putnam comes alongside additional emergency measures from the county.

            “I have signed three emergency orders to further protect the most vulnerable of our community,” adds the county executive. Effective midnight tonight, the emergency orders include the mandatory closing of daycare centers and nursery schools, prohibiting public gatherings or events of more than 20 people and prohibiting buffet style food. “The message we are sending is this— we strongly recommend proactive and extensive social distancing. You should only be leaving your homes when absolutely necessary.  All social events should be reconsidered and re-scheduled if at all possible. By slowing the spread of COVID-19, it can allow the healthcare system to be better prepared and have the available beds for the most ill.” 

“Up until now we have been monitoring dozens of possible exposures, both with and without symptoms,” Health Commissioner Michael J. Nesheiwat, MD, said. “We are working around the clock to ensure all measures are taken to mitigate, or slow the impact of this virus. Data suggest that 80% of people who contract the virus self-resolve and tend to have mild symptoms that eventually subside— but we practice social distancing for the 20% that will have serious complications, hospitalizations requiring intubation, or possibly death.”

In this evolving situation, vigilant personal hygiene and social distancing remain the best defenses. Individuals should remain at home if they have a fever or respiratory symptoms and contact their health care provider before going to the doctor. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations include remaining at home until fever or respiratory symptoms have been resolved for a minimum of 24 hours.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • fever
  • coughing
  • shortness of breath

            Residents are reminded to call ahead to their doctor’s office, urgent-care facility or hospital, so they may take necessary precautions to prepare. If, however, you are in respiratory distress, call 9-1-1 and inform the dispatcher of your exposure risk. COVID-19 symptoms may appear in as few as two days or as long as 14 days after exposure. 

            Testing for COVID-19 is occurring in Putnam County; tests are administered at the discretion of the attending physician following NYSDOH and CDC guidelines. 
Residents can protect themselves from COVID-19/coronavirus, flu and other droplet-spread viruses, with basic, common sense personal hygiene actions including: 

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose with unwashed hands.
  • Do not share personal items such as water bottles.
  • Avoid close contact with individuals who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick. Remain home for at least 24 hours after you no longer have a fever (without taking fever-reducing medication) or signs of a fever (i.e., chills, feeling warm, flushed appearance).
  • Cover your cough or sneeze into your elbow or with a tissue, then immediately discard the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

For general questions about COVID-19 the New York State Department of Health has established a hotline: 1-888-364-3065. For local information, follow the department of health on social media or visit the county website. If you think you may be a direct contact of a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19, please call the PCDOH at 845-808-1390.

The mission of the Putnam County Department of Health, nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), is to improve and protect the health of the Putnam County community, composed of nearly 100,000 residents. Core services include community health assessment, disease surveillance and control, emergency preparedness, environmental health protection, family health promotion and health education. For more information, please visit our County website at; or visit our social media sites on Facebook at and Twitter @PutnamHealthNY.

Erin Ray Pascaretti, MPH, RDN

Epidemiologist/Supervising Public Health Educator/PIO

Putnam County Department of Health

1 Geneva Road, Brewster, NY 10509

Tel: (845) 808-1390, ext. 43262

Fax: (845) 808-1336

–A PHAB-Accredited Health Department–

Recognizing Village Businesses

As businesses are slowly starting to be able to open their doors again, the Village of Brewster would like to extend a thank you to all of the businesses who were considered essential and were asked to stay open during this time. The Board of Trustees is asking the public to nominate businesses in the Village who have supported their community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These businesses may have donated food to those in need or were complying with social distancing rules and staying open to serve the public. We will be honoring these businesses at the July 15th Board of Trustee meeting with proclamations, and posting the list on our website. Please contact the Village Clerk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Village office, 845-279-3760 with the name of the business you'd like to nominate.

The following businesses have been recognized:

Kobacker's Market

Country Kitchen

Pizza Place

Bob's Diner

The Brewster Shipping Center

Suburban Carting

Tom & Jerry's

Moonlight Cafe

Brewster Public Library

Brewster HamletHub

Don's Automotive and Towing Inc.

Brewster Service Station

Wine On The Way

Census 2020 – Everyone Counts in Putnam

April 1, 2020 is Census Day. The Census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The United States has been conducting the Census every ten years since 1790. Data from the Census will be used for the next ten years for many things - including determining New York State’s representation in Congress as well as local districting. Your responses determine where over $675 billion is distributed each year to communities nationwide for clinics, schools, roads, and more. Census data gives community leaders vital information to make decisions about building community centers, opening businesses, and planning for the future. Responding also fulfills your civic duty because it’s mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The United States has counted its population every 10 years since 1790. Your responses are used to redraw legislative districts and determine the number of seats your state has in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Census Bureau estimates that every person not counted equals a loss of approximately $2,500 per year to local municipalities. This means that every 400 people who are not counted equates to a loss of about $1 Million in funding - each year to our community.

We need to get everyone living in Putnam counted.

Read more: Census 2020 – Everyone Counts in Putnam

Contact Information

Village of Brewster
Village Office & Village Court
50 Main Street
Brewster, New York 10509

Village Office Phone: (845)279-3760 Fax: (845)278-7653

Village Court Phone: (845) 279-4020

Village Police: (845) 278-1895

Officer on Duty Phone Number for Non-emergencies: 914-804-8442

Hours of Operation

For the Village Hall and Village Court

Summer Hours: (Tuesday after Memorial Day until Friday before Labor Day)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.


Village Hall - Window & Phone: Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
- For assistance after business hours, email the Village Clerk at

Village Court - Window Hours: Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
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