The Village of Brewster Offices have received multiple complaints about the excessive noise due to the construction and demolition at the Carmel Avenue Bridge. This project is being run by the Department of Transportation for the State of New York. Below are the notes from the Engineer in Charge, regarding the upcoming work to be done at night and during the day.

Night Work:

  1. Demolition of the old bridge will continue and is expected to be completed by 11/13/21. That operation broken down further is:
    a) Removal of steel beam expected to be completed by 11/05/21
    b) Demo of concrete substructure completed by 11/13/21
    Note: The jacking hammering work has stopped for now, but it will return for the substructure work, however, the noise level will be a lot less than it was before since we would not be hammering against steel (which caused the extra loud noise)

  2. Reconstruction of the roadway between Michael Neuner and the firehouse is anticipated 11/08/21 to 11/12/21
    Note: The excavation will be performed at night, however, we anticipate paving the asphalt on the morning of 11/12/21 (5:30 am to +/- noon), this is the only time available to get asphalt from the plant. We will be alternating traffic in that location so there should be minimal impact to traffic. This work would cause the “normal” levels of construction noise.


  1. Reconstruction of Carmel Ave should be completed and paved to base course asphalt by 11/05/21, binder by 11/08/21
  2. Top course asphalt should be completed (after binder) from Oak St to Michael Neuner, Carmel and Putnam Ave by 11/12/21
  3. After 11/12/21, we would have misc. construction work (curb, sidewalk, driveways etc)
    Note: These activities would cause the “normal” levels of construction noise.

Please understand that these dates and timeframes are subject to change due to the weather or other outside factors. The Village of Brewster thanks the community for their patience during this time and if you have any questions, please contact Village Hall, 845-279-3760.

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